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Previous Panic Dem Team part, Blast Dandimite, kicked the bucket on Sunday morning in a clinic in Florida in the US subsequent to experiencing a backslide a little while after a serious auto collision in April of this current year. 

“Blast Dandimite went to the US on Friday, however after he fell off the plane, he swooned because of a few unexpected problems, and they hurried him to a clinic, and he passed on earlier today,” said Christine Award, a cousin of the artiste. “The specialists in Jamaica had cleared him to fly. 

His little girls had gotten back home to get him since he was struggling. Yet, US specialists say he had blood clumps, a wide range of entanglements, he had pneumonia, so this is exceptionally miserable.” He would have been 51 in July of this current year. Blast Dandimite’s mom, Cherry Sinclair, is profoundly disheartened by the news. 

She had wanted to praise her birthday on Wednesday, May 24, yet will delay those plans considering the deplorable news. Blast Dandimite passed on abandoning two young men, and three young ladies. The accident wherein he was harmed happened on Midway Tree Street in St Andrew close to a famous pastry shop on April 27. 

One more dancehall disk jockey, Wilful Skilful, was likewise harmed in the occurrence. Dandimite was hospitalized, while Wilful Skilful was released and sent home. Days after the fact, Blast Dandimite, whose genuine name is Herman Donovan Stewart, recuperated, and was released from the Kingston Public Clinic. 

However, his condition apparently declined, as he was not eating, provoking relatives to coordinate to have him return to the US for specific clinical treatment. No less than one individual from the amusement society was in outrageous stunned at the abrupt turn of events. “I can’t talk at the present time,” a solemn sounding Harry Little child, a previous individual from the Panic Dem Team, said. Blast Dandimite, alongside his companions Nitty Kutchie, Harry Baby and Elephant Man, shaped the Alarm Dem Team, thinking back to the 1990s. 

The group was firmly adjusted to Abundance Executioner, who might take them on visits to guarantee that they acquired openness. In the midst of everything, they scored hits with tunes, for example, ‘Unadulterated Lady’ and ‘Numerous Many’. 

Blast Dandimite was scheduled to perform on Reggae Sumfest on July 21 as a piece of the Boombox 90s Disagreeableness alongside any semblance of General B, Harry Little child, Jigsy Lord, Mega Banton, Nitty Kutchie, Silver Feline and Tony Curtis.

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Previous Panic Dem group part Blast Dandimite passed on toward the beginning of today in a medical clinic in the US in the wake of experiencing a significant backslide during his recuperation from a horrendous fender bender in April. 

“Blast Dandimite made a trip to the US yesterday, however after he fell off the plane, he swooned away. He began to froth at the mouth, so they surged him to an emergency clinic and he kicked the bucket earlier today,” a source told Dancehall Mag. “The US specialists say he had blood clusters, a wide range of difficulties, he had pneumonia, and the specialists likewise said that a great deal of his clinical issues were disregarded any place he was being treated in Jamaica.

” The mishap happened on Midway Tree street close to a well known bread shop in late April. One more rising emcee, Wilful Skilful, was likewise harmed in the mishap. Dandimite was hospitalized while Wilful Skilful was released and sent home. Days after the fact, Blast Dandimite, whose genuine name is Herman Stewart, was released from the Kingston Public Emergency clinic. 

Wilful Skilful was troubled after hearing the news. “Abundance Executioner let me know that Blast fly gone to the US, and mi simply wake and ah do some clothing and mi start get bear call say the man gone. Jah!” a sorrowful Wilful Skilful said. 

Blast Dandimite, alongside his companions Nitty Kutchie, Harry Little child and Elephant Man shaped the Alarm Dem Group, harking back to the 1990s. The team was firmly adjusted to Abundance Executioner, who might take them on visits to guarantee they acquired openness. They before long hit it enormous in the dancehall, scoring hits with tunes like Unadulterated Lady and Numerous Many.

In addition, he was scheduled to play on July 21 at Reggae Sumfest as part of Boombox 90’s Badness, among artists including Tony Curtis, General B, Harry Toddler, Jigsy King, Mega Banton, Nitty Kutchie, and Silver Cat. 

Mishap Connected To Death Cause Family Grieves The Misfortune Blast Dandimite Auto Collision: A disastrous wind in the song, as previous Panic Dem Team part, Blast Dandimite crashed into destiny on a game changing day. 

The accident left fans tensely expecting his recuperation, however predetermination had an alternate arrangement. Blast Dandimite, a previous individual from Alarm Dem Group, died in a Florida clinic in the US on Sunday morning. 

The artiste had encountered a backslide following a serious fender bender in April. Upon his appearance in the US on Friday, Blast Dandimite swooned because of unexpected issues and was promptly raced to the medical clinic, where he in the long run surrendered. 

As per his cousin Christine Award, the Jamaican specialists had endorsed his movement, and his girls had gotten back to bring him home as his condition deteriorated. Nonetheless, US specialists found different difficulties, for example, blood clumps and pneumonia, making his passing grievous. He would have commended his 51st birthday in July.

RIP: Boom Dandimite Car Accident

Previous Panic Dem Team part Blast Dandimite unfortunately passed on after a serious fender bender. As per reports, the mishap happened in April of this current year, and Blast Dandimite has been doing combating with the consequence from that point forward. 

He was in the US at the hour of his passing, having gone there on Friday. Be that as it may, after landing from the plane, he blacked out because of unexpected issues and was raced to a clinic in Florida. Sadly, his condition deteriorated, and he capitulated to his wounds on Sunday morning. 

Blast Dandimite’s cousin, Christine Award, uncovered that specialists in Jamaica had cleared the artiste to fly, yet US specialists later found blood clumps, pneumonia, and different entanglements. 

The insight about Blast Dandimite’s fender bender and ensuing passing has left his family, companions, and fans in shock and grieving. He would have commended his 51st birthday in July.

Boom Dandimite Death Cause

The reason for the auto crash that at last prompted the passing of previous Panic Dem Team part, Blast Dandimite, has not been unequivocally expressed on the web. In any case, it is referenced that the mishap happened in April of this current year and that Blast Dandimite has been managing its ramifications from that point onward. 

Blast Dandimite made a trip to the US and experienced unexpected issues upon his appearance, bringing about his swooning and ensuing hospitalization. U.S. specialists found inconveniences, including blood clumps and pneumonia, possible from the fender bender. 

It is obvious from the data given that the mishap assumed a critical part in Blast Dandimite’s breaking down wellbeing and at last added to his less than ideal passing. Further insights concerning the reason for the mishap might be accessible from different sources or news reports.

Boom Dandimite Family Mourns The Loss

The death of previous Alarm Dem Team part, Blast Dandimite, has left his family in profound grieving. Christine Award, the cousin of Blast Dandimite, shares the tragic subtleties of Blast Dandimite’s last minutes, making sense of that Jamaican specialists had cleared him to travel and that his girls had come to carry him back home because of his decaying condition. Notwithstanding, upon his appearance in the US, he encountered unexpected problems that prompted his hospitalization and possible passing. 

Christine Award communicates her misery and shock at the news, expressing that US specialists found blood clusters, pneumonia, and different complexities, making the misfortune significantly really destroying. The family had been confident that Blast Dandimite would recuperate, and his unexpected demise has left them in significant melancholy.

The Fateful Boom Dandimite Car Accident

On a portentous day in late April, the peacefulness of Midway Tree street in Jamaica was broken by the sound of shrieking tires and metal impacting. Blast Dandimite and rising emcee Wilful Skilful ended up trapped in a horrendous blast dandimite fender bender close to a well known bread shop. 

The subtleties of the occurrence paint a frightening picture, with onlookers describing the confusion that followed. As per reports, Dandimite’s vehicle slammed into another vehicle, making the two vehicles go wild and support critical harm. Crisis administrations were quickly dispatched to the scene, where they found the two craftsmen caught inside the destruction. 

Blast Dandimite had supported extreme wounds, while Wilful Skilful was likewise harmed however in a generally steady condition. Onlookers and people on call worked enthusiastically to extricate the harmed specialists from the ruined vehicles, their endeavors powered by a need to get moving and worry for the prosperity of these darling figures in the dancehall local area. As the minutes ticked by, the weightiness of the circumstance turned out to be progressively evident, and a tangible strain consumed the space.

Hospitalization and Recovery Struggles

In the result of the blast dandimite fender bender, he was hurried to the Kingston Public Clinic, where he went through crisis treatment for his basic wounds. The underlying visualization was monitored, as clinical experts worked resolutely to balance out his condition.

 In the interim, Wilful Skilful, however shaken, was released and sent home to recuperate from his generally minor wounds. As the days passed, Dandimite’s condition stayed unsafe, with inconveniences and mishaps tormenting his recuperation. 

In spite of the committed endeavors of the clinical staff, charges started to surface in regards to the ampleness of the clinical consideration he got in Jamaica. Concerns were raised about likely oversights or carelessness that might have exacerbated his condition, energizing a developing feeling of disquiet inside the dancehall local area.

The Fateful Trip to the US

In the midst of the mounting worries over Dandimite’s clinical consideration in Jamaica, a choice was made to look for cutting edge treatment in the US. Bearing in mind the end goal of getting the particular consideration he frantically required, Dandimite set out on a portentous excursion to the US. 

Be that as it may, the outing took an unpropitious abandon the exact second he ventured off the plane. Upon appearance, Dandimite’s condition took an unexpected and disturbing tragic development. Observers revealed that he imploded and started frothing at the mouth, inciting quick clinical mediation. 

He was raced to a close by emergency clinic, where clinical experts battled to balance out his quickly breaking down condition. The records given by the US clinical group laid out a terrible picture. Blast Dandimite was determined to have a bunch of entanglements, including blood clumps, pneumonia, and other fundamental issues that had purportedly been ignored or deficiently tended to during his treatment in Jamaica. 

The specialists communicated grave worries about the condition of his wellbeing, recommending that basic open doors for mediation might have been missed.

Legacy and Impact

As the unfortunate fresh insight about Blast Dandimite’s passing fanned out like quickly, the dancehall local area was immersed in a rush of misery and mistrust. Recognitions and sympathies poured in from individual specialists, fans, and industry insiders, all unified in grieving the departure of a genuine symbol. 

Abundance Executioner, a nearby partner and guide to the Panic Dem Team, communicated his significant trouble and appreciation for Dandimite’s commitments to the class. “Blast Dandimite was a genuine trailblazer,” Abundance Executioner expressed. 

“He assisted shape the sound of dancehall and motivated incalculable craftsmen with his one of a kind style and energy.” Past his melodic heritage, Dandimite’s life and inconvenient passing ignited a more extensive discussion about the significance of street security and admittance to quality clinical consideration. His story filled in as a piercing sign of the delicacy of life and the need to focus on deterrent measures and quick, thorough clinical consideration in the midst of emergency. 

Plans were quickly gotten under way to coordinate a commemoration show or recognition occasion, permitting fans and individual specialists the same to meet up and observe Dandimite’s life and melodic accomplishments. The incredible overflow of help and aggregate lamenting interaction highlighted the significant effect he had made on the dancehall local area and the enduring imprint he left on the class.

Boom Dandimite car accident left a forever scar on his health

Blast Dandimite was unfortunately engaged with a lethal vehicle mishap in April 2023, leaving him wiped out and battling for his life and restoration. He and DJ Wilful Skilful were on their way from Weddy to Leggo di Roads when they were associated with a mishap on Midway Tree Street. Blast experienced extreme wounds that need an extended clinic stay and serious consideration, while Wilful Skilful was sufficiently lucky to be permitted to leave the clinic after treatment. 

Blast at first got back, yet his wellbeing immediately crumbled, driving his family to look for pressing clinical consideration for him in the US. They immediately set up his exchange to an Orlando emergency clinic, where he was placed in a coma. The sources guarantee that American clinical experts expressed that Blast’s bed rest has caused blood clusters and even pneumonia. 

Blast Dandimite tragically died on Sunday, May 21 because of inconveniences welcomed on by his wounds, in spite of the best endeavors of the clinical staff. The insight about Blast’s passing stunned the music business, leaving admirers and different entertainers in shock and pain. DJ Wilful Skilful, what himself’s identity is as yet recuperating, uncovered that Blast was enthusiastically expecting his appearance at the approaching Reggae Sumfest on July 21. He was extremely lamented by the deficiency of his companion and melodic friend, and he affectionately reviewed their conversations about their forthcoming exhibitions. 

General B, a performer, additionally communicated his distress over the awkward passing of Blast Dandimite, referring to it as “the absolute worst news of all time.” He asked supporters and collaborators to keep Blast’s family in their requests during this trying time. 

Fans and industry associates shared memories of Blast’s effect on the dancehall music scene and the delight he gave through his tunes, while virtual entertainment stages emitted with sympathy messages. The melodic world will keep on being enlivened by Blast’s inheritance despite the fact that he will be profoundly missed by his companions, family, and admirers.

Boom Dandimite Nationailty and Ethnicity

Tony Curtis, otherwise called Blast Dandimite, is a Jamaican craftsman, showing his ethnicity as Jamaican. Identity commonly alludes to an individual’s social or hereditary foundation, and explicit data about Tony Curtis’ nationality isn’t promptly accessible. We’ll continue to post when more data is unveiled.

Boom Dandimite Career

Tony Curtis, otherwise called Blast Dandimite, had a striking profession in the Jamaican dancehall music scene. He earned respect as an individual from the Panic Dem Team, a well known bunch during the 1990s. The gathering comprised of Tony Curtis, Harry Little child, and Apparition. As a feature of the Panic Dem Group, Tony Curtis added to their prosperity with his fiery exhibitions and particular vocal style. 

They delivered a few hit melodies, including “Young ladies Section,” “Numerous Many,” and “Bun Dem Out,” which gathered consideration both locally and globally. After the Panic Dem Team disbanded, Tony Curtis left on a performance profession. He kept on delivering music and laid down a good foundation for himself as an independent craftsman in the dancehall and reggae classes. 

His performance tracks, for example, “High Grade,” “Cruising,” and “Confidence,” exhibited his flexibility and melodic ability. Tony Curtis’ music frequently investigates topics of affection, connections, and social issues. He is known for his smooth vocal conveyance, melodic snares, and infectious verses. 

His tunes have reverberated with fanatics of dancehall and reggae music, adding to his notoriety inside the Jamaican music industry. All through his vocation, Tony Curtis has performed at different shows and occasions, both in Jamaica and universally. He has teamed up with different craftsmen and makers, further growing his compass and impact in the music business.

Boom Dandimite Death

Tony Curtis, well known as Blast Dandimite, unfortunately died following a progression of unexpected issues. 

He had ventured out to the US on a Friday yet encountered a swooning spell after landing the plane. He was promptly raced to a clinic in any case, in spite of endeavors to save him, he didn’t get by. As per Christine Award, Tony Curtis’ cousin, US specialists found blood clumps, pneumonia, and different difficulties. 

This news came as a shock to his loved ones. Tony Curtis’ passing happened not long before his 51st birthday in July. He abandoned two children and three girls. His mom, Cherry Sinclair, was profoundly disheartened by the news and chosen to defer her own birthday festivities considering the deplorability. The unexpected passing of Blast Dandimite profoundly impacted the diversion clique, leaving his previous partners and companions in a dismal state.


  1. Date of Accident: Blast Dandimite was involved in a serious car accident in April of this year.
  2. Hospitalization: After the accident, he was hospitalized and underwent treatment for his injuries.
  3. Condition in Jamaica: Blast Dandimite’s condition in Jamaica reportedly worsened, leading to the decision to seek advanced medical treatment in the US.
  4. Travel to the US: He traveled to the US for treatment but experienced complications upon arrival, including collapsing and foaming at the mouth.
  5. Medical Complications: US doctors found that Blast Dandimite had blood clots, pneumonia, and other complications, which ultimately led to his passing.
  6. Death: Blast Dandimite tragically passed away in a Florida hospital on a Sunday morning.
  7. Family’s Reaction: His family, including his mother Cherry Sinclair, was deeply saddened by his death. They had hoped to celebrate his mother’s birthday, which was shortly after his passing.
  8. Age: Blast Dandimite would have been 51 years old in July of this year.


Former Panic Dem Team member Blast Dandimite passed away in a hospital in Florida, US, after experiencing complications following a car accident in April. He traveled to the US for treatment but collapsed upon arrival and was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. Blast Dandimite’s family, friends, and fans were shocked and saddened by his sudden passing.


Q: When did Blast Dandimite’s car accident occur?
A: Blast Dandimite’s car accident occurred in April of this year.

Q: What were the complications Blast Dandimite experienced after his car accident?
A: Blast Dandimite experienced complications such as blood clots, pneumonia, and other medical issues after his car accident.

Q: How did Blast Dandimite’s family react to his passing?
A: Blast Dandimite’s family, including his mother Cherry Sinclair, was deeply saddened by his passing and decided to delay their own birthday celebrations.

Q: What was Blast Dandimite’s age at the time of his passing?
A: Blast Dandimite would have been 51 years old in July of this year.

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