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Chris Distefano’s Wife? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family And More

An outstanding professional comic, comedy craftsman, digital broadcast host, and so forth, these words perfectly sum up who Chris DiStefano is.

Yet, many don’t have a clue that this 38-year-old American entertainer is likewise a beautiful spouse to Snazzy DiStefano.

We have seen him grandstand his ability to make chuckling infectious in MTV’s Person Code and MTV2’s Young lady Code.

These shows denoted the beginning of his profession as a jokester and as the years progressed, he has just succeeded.

While the greater part of us are euphorically mindful of who this astonishing craftsman is.

Presently, the time has come to take a look at his day to day life and find out about his exquisite spouse Fun DiStefano!

However, before we do that, let us in on a piece about Chris DiStefano’s experience!

Chris DiStefano: Exploring His Education, Early Life, And Beyond

Brought into the world in 1984 in Brooklyn, New York, in the US, Chris DiStefano is basically of German descent with a touch of Irish and Italian parentage.

Experiencing childhood in the Ridgewood area close to Sovereigns, he went to Diocese supervisor Molloy Secondary School.

Before he found that being a stand-up craftsman was what he wished to be, he wanted to play b-ball and, surprisingly, concentrated on brain science at St. Joseph’s School.

Given his ability as a ball player, he likewise came to the school’s Lobby Of Popularity (2018).

It was only after 2013 that DiStefano concluded it was the ideal opportunity for him to seek after a full-time profession as a professional comic.


Real NameChristopher Paul Anthony DiStefano
Popular NameChris DiStefano
Birth DateAugust 26, 1984
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, United States
EthnicityGerman, Italian, Irish
EducationSt. Joseph’s College (BA); New York Institute of Technology (DPT)
Marital StatusIn a relationship
Sexual OrientationStraight
Children3 (including Delilah DiStefano)
DatingJasmine Canuelas
Net Worth$1.5 million
Source of WealthStand-up comedy, podcasting, television

Chris DiStefano On What Inspires Him!

While the seeds of humor were established somewhere down in him, Chris modestly credits the city he lived in and his family for driving the energy in him to seek after parody full-time.

The jokester accepts that his funny bone is a protection system for him.

Whenever he was miserable or having a close to home overflow, as opposed to surrendering to the clouded side, he would just utilize this energy to make others giggle.

He additionally depicts how he was getting help for a major piece of his life and before long acknowledged humor assists him with flourishing and at 24 years old he concluded this is what he maintains that his future should resemble.

DiStefano determines the majority of his material for his standup parody from things that have really happened to him, in actuality, including occasions that include his loved ones.

This makes it more normal and appealing for the crowd accordingly helping his prevalence throughout the long term.

When Did Chris DiStefano Start His Career As A Standup Comedian?

Chris DiStefano began proceeding as a standup craftsman in August 2009.

Later one year from now in 2010, he facilitated SNY Organization’s Fencing Bosses followed by College basketball Parody Contest by World class 8 out of 2011 and 2012.

Before long, he was decided to feature the well known Carolines Breakout Craftsman Series and arose as a 2011 NY Parody Celebration finalist.

DiStefano likewise performed at a few standup scenes including the Parody Basement, Giggle Parlor, New York Satire Club, Broadway Parody Club, and the Gotham Satire Club.

Given his ascent in prominence, the youthful craftsman before long turned into a piece of MTV’s Person Code Season 2. The following year he joined MTV2’s Young lady Code.

Later he began showing up in different episodes of Fellow Code versus Young lady Code, The Test, Off The Bat, and Fellow Court.

In June 2013, Chris showed up on an episode of Late Night With David Letterman encouraging his fame as a standup entertainer.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t long after he showed up on Late Night With Seth Meyers that his most memorable U.S. public visit occurred in 2015.

The dad of two additionally co-featured in IFC”s Drinking sprees in 2015 close by Andrew Schulz and was a broadcaster in Netflix’s Definitive Beastmaster in 2015 which dropped on the streaming stage in 2017.

The 38-year-old craftsman’s previously sold-out execution was in February 2022 at New York City’s Signal Theater.

Chris DiStefano Wife Jazzy DiStefano: Who is She?

Brought into the world in 1984 as Jasmine Canullas, Lively DiStefano and Chris DiStefano met at a bar and before long turned out to be dear companions.

Their profound fellowship before long transformed into a blooming relationship in 2014 and since they have been together.

Before long in 2015, their most memorable youngster, Delilah DiStefano was brought into the world in the period of May.

While many don’t have a clue about this, this coincidental pregnancy might have been the justification for the couple’s division.

Subsequent to meeting interestingly at a bar, they went for a couple of dates and on the subsequent they shared a cozy second.

Notwithstanding, soon they discovered that Lively was pregnant during his show in Tampa, Florida.

At first, Lively concluded that it was ideal to end her pregnancy as she was at that point a mother to a child (Tristan) from her past relationship.

Chris DiStefano’s better half additionally concluded that cutting off their friendship also was ideal.

While Chris was strong of her decision, he likewise conveyed that he would constantly be a caring dad to his kid.

Considering that Chris had a consistently advancing vocation right now, the two concluded inviting their child was ideal. Later in 2021, their subsequent youngster, Violette DiStefano was conceived.

While the pair has been together since around 2014, the couple got hitched exclusively in 2015 after fun got pregnant.

While Lively puts stock in the foundation of marriage, Chris feels it is only something on paper.

Hailing from a wrecked family separated from guardians has kept Chris honest in regards to marriage.

Jazzy DiStefano Net Worth: What Does She Do For A Living?

Aside from being known as Chris DiStefano’s better half, Fun is likewise a famous wellness mentor in America and accepts that one ought to constantly view their body in a serious way.

She is likewise a dance mentor who has gathered more than $2 million in total assets.

The 39-year-old additionally commits her opportunity to helping ladies that need her assistance managing post pregnancy anxiety.

Snazzy has managed postpartum anxiety herself and wishes to help other people out of luck.

Throughout the long term utilizing her experience, she has made Snazzy Technique, an interesting get-healthy plan with a bend.

This bodyweight preparing module utilizes music to draw in your body, upgrade muscle use, and control body developments.

The Jazz Strategy has improved and brings about terms of body weight for the executives.

This is because of the inclusion of music which makes it feasible as long as possible.

Nonetheless, Fun isn’t somebody irregular who began a profession as a web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with aiding individuals.

Her abilities are upheld by her expert certificate from the NASM.

She is a confirmed fitness coach, health specialist, Zumba educator, and twist teacher.

Is Chris DiStefano Wife Jazzy On Social Media?

Sometimes, Snazzy offers via online entertainment how feverish being a parent can get. She has discussed how her mornings are a frantic scramble as several attempts to get their three children to school.

From regulating the children’s schoolwork to inspiring them to bed, Snazzy and Chris don’t deny the way that being a parent can be extreme and channel. However, they can’t envision their existence without their children.

While Chris and Lively’s relationship had a rough beginning, what makes them an extraordinary couple is that they are exceptionally steady of each other.

Aside from regarding each other’s calling, they generally attempt to set aside a few minutes for the family paying little mind to how requesting their occupation is.

Very much like her significant other, Snazzy too has an excellent sense of humor and frequently shows up on her better half’s web recording.

A while ago when Snazzy was 25, she decided on bosom inserts. Notwithstanding, on Chris’ webcast she uncovered that she got them eliminated and presently feels an enormous contrast without them.

Chris DiStefano’s significant other additionally added that she currently feels more such as herself short the inserts. The jokester valued her significant other’s choice.

He added that this will set an extraordinary model for their children. It will assist them with figuring out the fact that it is so essential to assume responsibility for their bodies and make the right decision.

You can find Chris DiStefano’s significant other Lively DiStefano via virtual entertainment. Also, remember to follow her assuming you wish to find out about Zumba, wellness, and postpartum anxiety.

The Journey Begins

Brought into the world in Brooklyn, New York, to a group of blended German, Italian, and Irish legacy, DiStefano’s comedic venture is pretty much as different as his ethnic foundation.

From his initial days in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Sovereigns to his experience on the b-ball court at St. Joseph’s School, DiStefano’s way was everything except normal.

In the wake of procuring a doctorate in non-intrusive treatment, DiStefano’s turn to parody full-time in 2013 denoted the start of an elating vocation shift.

Rise to Fame

His entrance into the parody world in August 2009 was met with fast achievement.

His interesting mix of observational humor immediately earned consideration, prompting appearances on MTV’s Person Code and Young lady Code, which shot him into the spotlight.

These appearances laid the foundation for his stand-up profession, permitting him to perform at prestigious scenes like the Gotham Parody Club and Carolines on Broadway.

A Flourishing Career

Past his parody specials and digital recordings, DiStefano’s dynamic character has driven him to have various shows, incorporating Moronic Inquiries with Chris DiStefano and a critical internet based presence.

His cooperation in TV pilots and web series like Straight Edge Young men features his flexible ability and comedic range.

Besides, DiStefano’s devotion to his specialty has seen him perform universally, selling out scenes like New York City’s Signal Theater, a demonstration of his developing prominence and impact.

Personal Life

He has three kids with Jasmin Canuelas, his accomplice, displaying a side of him that is profoundly family-situated and grounded notwithstanding his clamoring profession at the center of attention.

His previous relationship with humorist Carly Aquilino from 2010 to 2014 likewise features his associations inside the satire world.

As of now living on Staten Island, DiStefano’s life offstage is loaded up with the delights and difficulties of being a parent, highlighting an interesting, rational persona that resounds well with his crowd, making his satire even more private and locking in.


  1. Full Name: Christopher Paul Anthony DiStefano
  2. Stage Name: Chris DiStefano
  3. Birth Date: August 26, 1984
  4. Age: 39
  5. Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  6. Ethnicity: German, Italian, Irish
  7. Education: St. Joseph’s College (BA), New York Institute of Technology (DPT)
  8. Marital Status: Married to Jazzy DiStefano (Jasmine Canuelas)
  9. Children: Three, including Delilah and Violette DiStefano
  10. Net Worth: $1.5 million
  11. Source of Wealth: Stand-up comedy, podcasting, television
  12. Notable Shows: MTV’s Guy Code, MTV2’s Girl Code, Late Night With David Letterman, Late Night With Seth Meyers


Chris DiStefano, a renowned American comedian, has made a name for himself through his infectious humor and vibrant personality. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Chris is of German, Italian, and Irish descent. He initially pursued a career in basketball and even earned a spot in St. Joseph’s College Hall of Fame before transitioning to comedy full-time in 2013.

Chris’s rise to fame began with his appearances on MTV’s Guy Code and Girl Code, which opened doors to numerous stand-up gigs at prestigious venues like Gotham Comedy Club and Carolines on Broadway. His career continued to flourish with various television appearances and a sold-out performance at New York City’s Beacon Theater in 2022.

Beyond his professional success, Chris is also a devoted family man. He is married to Jazzy DiStefano, a certified fitness trainer and dance coach known for her innovative Jazz Method. Jazzy, who supports women dealing with postpartum depression, has built her own significant following. The couple shares three children and balances their demanding careers with their family life on Staten Island.


Q1: Who is Chris DiStefano married to?
A1: Chris DiStefano is married to Jazzy DiStefano, whose real name is Jasmin Canuelas. She is a certified fitness trainer and dance coach.

Q2: How many children do Chris and Jazzy DiStefano have?
A2: Chris and Jazzy DiStefano have three children, including their daughters Delilah and Violette DiStefano.

Q3: What is Jazzy DiStefano’s profession?
A3: Jazzy DiStefano is a fitness trainer, dance coach, and the creator of the Jazz Method, a unique weight-loss program that combines music and bodyweight training.

Q4: When did Chris DiStefano start his career in comedy?
A4: Chris DiStefano began performing as a stand-up comedian in August 2009 and pursued comedy full-time starting in 2013.

Q5: What shows is Chris DiStefano known for?
A5: Chris DiStefano is known for his appearances on MTV’s Guy Code, MTV2’s Girl Code, Late Night With David Letterman, and Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Q6: What inspired Chris DiStefano to pursue comedy?
A6: Chris DiStefano was inspired to pursue comedy as a coping mechanism to deal with emotional challenges and as a way to make others laugh, drawing much of his material from his real-life experiences and family.

Q7: Where does Chris DiStefano live?
A7: Chris DiStefano currently lives on Staten Island with his wife Jazzy DiStefano and their children.

Q8: What is Chris DiStefano’s net worth?
A8: Chris DiStefano’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, primarily earned through his career in stand-up comedy, podcasting, and television appearances.

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