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Lil Wayne, otherwise called Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, is perhaps the best rapper in the music business, having delivered 13 independent studio collections , one cooperative collection and sold north of 120 million records around the world.

He is known for his special way of rapping and has won various honors, including five Grammy Grants.

What many individuals probably won’t be familiar with Lil Wayne is that he is a glad dad of four youngsters with four unique ladies.

His most memorable kid and little girl, Reginae Carter, was conceived when he was just 16 years of age. Reginae is presently 24 and has sought after a lifelong in acting. She is likewise a business visionary and an online entertainment force to be reckoned with.

Lil Wayne’s subsequent youngster, Dwayne Carter III, was brought into the world on October 22, 2008, at The Christ Medical clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dwayne was named after his dad and is Lil Wayne’s most memorable child. Dwayne’s mom is Sarah Vivian, a radio personality who has worked for Streetz 94.5 and iHeartMedia.

Sarah consistently shares photographs of her child and girl from one more relationship on her Instagram page.

Dwayne Carter III’s Interest in Music

In spite of being just 12 years of age, Dwayne has proactively shown an interest in chasing after music, very much like his dad.

He has even embraced the stage name Lil Tune and has partaken in one of his dad’s melodies, “FL4M3$,” in 2020.

A ton of fans were stunned at how he dealt with his part in the tune and were excited to see the more youthful Carter acquire his dad’s ability.

It brought a few fans a feeling of wistfulness when he rapped through the entire track very much like lil Waynes tune “A Milli.”

Notwithstanding his affection for music, Dwayne Carter III likewise appreciates going to shows and has been spotted taking pictures with stars like Chris Brown, Lil Child, Drake, and Jack Harlow.

Dwayne additionally showed up on his father’s 2020 mixtape No Roofs 3 very much like his relative Kameron.

Despite the fact that he delivered the one melody it is as yet unsure whether Dwayne will emulate his dad’s example and seek a lifelong career in music.

Nonetheless, obviously he has acquired his dad’s affection for the workmanship and his abilities in the field.

Fans are eager to see what’s on the horizon for Lil Tune and are anticipating seeing him develop into and seek after his interests like his dad

Reginae Carter

Brought into the world on Nov. 29, 1998, Reginae Carter is the rapper’s oldest, whom he imparts to ex and secondary school darling Antonia “Toya” Johnson.

Fans might perceive her from her spell on “Growing Up Hip Jump: Atlanta,” the series “Social Society,” or A&E’s “Pride and Bias: Atlanta.” She likewise cowrote the book “Paparazzi Princesses,” distributed in 2013.

Talking with Quintessence in 2020, Reginae shared she wants to “become quite possibly of the greatest entertainer on the planet.”

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Reginae started sharing her tryouts on TikTok as a method for getting moment criticism and sharpen her art.

“I have my minutes when I’m like OK, ‘I really want to escape this house!’ However I felt like TikTok was a pleasant method for evaluating my art and furthermore make everyone chuckle, engage individuals,” she said.

From that point forward, she’s proceeded to send off her own wellness design line, which her father gladly celebrated on Instagram.

She additionally showed up in Peacock’s “Confined” in November 2022, and her father likewise posted about the show, composing,

Dwayne Carter III

Dwayne Carter III — “Lil Tuney” is his family’s moniker — was brought into the world on Oct. 22, 2008. He is the rapper’s oldest child, whom he imparts to radio personality Sarah Vivan.

“I told him. I held the left leg the entire time,” Lil Wayne said soon thereafter, per Individuals. 

“It was terrible, extremely dreadful, yet it was awesome. Oct. 22, 9:25 a.m., 7 lbs., 12 oz. He’s the best thing to happen to me, close to my girl.”

Kameron Carter

Brought into the world on Sept. 9, 2009, Kameron Carter is the rapper’s third youngster, whom he imparts to “90210” star Lauren London.

Kameron is continuing in his father’s melodic strides; he made his rap debut on Lil Wayne’s 2020 track “Kam.”

He additionally strolled honorary pathway with his father at the 2022 ESPYs, and all the more as of late, the dad child pair applauded the Lakers together.

Kameron additionally grew up under the melodic impact of Nipsey Hussle, conceived Airmiess Asghedom, his mom’s late long-lasting accomplice.

In April 2019, Kameron talked at Hussle’s festival of life administration, reviewing a fantasy of his wherein Hussle showed up.

“I was in heaven,” he reviewed, “and I was playing in the sea water when Airmiess sprung up right behind me. . . .

I pivoted, and I hollered his name, and I gave him an embrace. . . .

I educated my mother regarding the fantasy, and after I told her, I was mulling over everything, and I understood that Airmiess let me know paradise like. He let me know it was heaven.”

Neal Carter

The most youthful of the Carter family, Neal Carter was brought into the world on Nov. 30, 2009. Lil Wayne imparts his most youthful child to “Don’t Meddle With My Man” vocalist Nivea, his ex-life partner.

Neal — who goes by “Youthful Carter” with family and dear companions — made an appearance on his father’s 2020 mixtape, “No Roofs 3”; fans can hear him rapping in “Hollywood.”

Sarah Vivian – biography

Sarah Vivian was brought into the world on August 17, 1987. Her place of birth is Cincinnati, Ohio. Her dad’s name is Jammie Ballew and mother is Christina Tran.

She wasn’t her folks’ lone youngster as she brought forth two different girls with whom Sarah Vivan experienced childhood in Cincinnati.

It’s Elizabeth and Jayde Mauldin. Their foundations return to Vietnam.

After secondary school, Sarah Vivan has the desire to turn into a beautician. She never had even the remotest clue of turning into a radio character.

She originally selected at the College of Cincinnati where she concentrated on design to turn into a beautician. Vivian was there from 2005 to 2007.

During her examinations Vivian appeared to have lost her energy for a style profession and subsequent to taking guidance from a couple of companions she chose to seek after a lifelong in radio.

She then, at that point, concentrated on radio and TV designing at the Atlanta Broadcasting Establishment.

After her apprenticeship, Sarah Vivian at first worked at Clear Channel Open air Worldwide as an understudy.

She remained with them for quite some time somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2012. She then, at that point, went to iHeartMedia, where she functioned as a programming right hand for a couple of months.

From that point, she turned into a live character on Road 94.5 FM. In 2015, she started facilitating a show: Shadow 45 – Road Be careful SiriusXM. In 2018, Sarah Vivian became Head of Association at Get Drawn in Media.


Sarah Vivian rose to acclaim after she brought forth Lil Wayne’s oldest child, Dwayne Michael Carter III, was brought into the world in 2008.

Before Sarah Carter had her child, she brought forth her most memorable kid and girl, Quintessence Vivian, in 2005. In any case, the name of her young lady’s introduction to the world dad is as yet a secret.

Then again, Lil Wayne had his most memorable little girl back in 1998 with his most memorable union with Anthonia Wright. Their marriage created a youngster named Regina Carter.

Sarah Vivian met Lil Wayne at a club where she was commending her birthday in 2005. That is the manner by which Lil Wayne came to be at a similar club after a show for a get-together festival.

Then, at that point, they began dating. The two got taken part in 2007 however they separated, unfortunately despite the fact that they are still guardians to their youngster and are old buddies.

your fortune

Sarah Vivian has had an effective profession and it isbelieved that she ought to procure a fair pay. Their worth is assessed in a large number of dollars.

As indicated by a few internet based sources, a SiriusXM OAP procures a compensation of somewhere in the range of $85,937 and $93,812, while an Overseer of Get Drawn in acquires a compensation of somewhere in the range of $44K and $104K. She has more than 83,000 supporters on Instagram, an expected stage for bringing in cash.

Her son’s step-siblings

As recently referenced, their child Dwayne also known as Lil Tuney, as he is warmly known by his family, has step-kin.

They are Lil Wayne’s most memorable girl, Regina Carter, brought into the world in 1998, by his most memorable spouse, Anthonia Wright also known as Toya; Cameron Carter by Lauren London and Neal Carter brought into the world by Nivea.

As an OAP, she is passionate about her job

One of the fundamental reasons Sarah Vivian got into radio was her energy for talking.

At the point when she got exhausted as a beautician, her companions had prompted her in view of the way that they noticed her energy for discourse and persuasiveness.

She is very cordial and can talk for a really long time.

your height and physique

Sarah Vivian’s level, weight and other body estimations may not be well known as that certainly doesn’t preclude her smoking hot body right now.

The mother of two has a delectable body for certain lovely tattoos covering her skin from shoulder, chest, hands and different pieces of her body.


  1. Dwayne Carter III, also known as Lil Tuney, was born on October 22, 2008, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. He is the eldest son of rapper Lil Wayne and radio personality Sarah Vivian.
  3. Despite his young age, Dwayne has shown an interest in pursuing a career in music, using the stage name Lil Tune.
  4. He made his rap debut on his father’s 2020 track “FL4M3$,” displaying skills reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s own style.
  5. Dwayne enjoys attending concerts and has been seen taking pictures with stars like Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Drake, and Jack Harlow.
  6. He appeared on his father’s 2020 mixtape “No Ceilings 3,” further showcasing his musical talent.
  7. It is uncertain whether Dwayne will pursue a full-fledged career in music, but fans are excited to see his potential unfold.


Dwayne Carter III, also known as Lil Tuney, is the eldest son of rapper Lil Wayne and radio personality Sarah Vivian. Born in 2008, Dwayne has shown an interest in music at a young age, making his rap debut on his father’s track and appearing on his mixtape. Despite his musical talents, it remains unclear if Dwayne will follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in music.


When was Dwayne Carter III born?

Dwayne Carter III was born on October 22, 2008.

Who are Dwayne Carter III’s parents?

Dwayne Carter III’s parents are rapper Lil Wayne and radio personality Sarah Vivian.

What is Dwayne Carter III’s stage name?

Dwayne Carter III’s stage name is Lil Tuney.

Has Dwayne Carter III shown an interest in music?

Yes, despite his young age, Dwayne Carter III has shown an interest in music, making his rap debut on his father’s track and appearing on his mixtape.

Will Dwayne Carter III pursue a career in music?

It is uncertain whether Dwayne Carter III will pursue a full-fledged career in music, but fans are excited to see his potential unfold.

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