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Tony Goldwyn’s “Embarrassment” character wasn’t the very model spouse. In actuality, the entertainer has been hitched to his better half Jane Musky starting around 1987.

The 63-year-old, who as of late joined the cast of “The rule of law,” is known for his parts in hits, for example, “Tarzan” “Oppenheimer” and “Phantom.”

Musky, 69, likewise has a great rundown of honors that she obtained in the background in Hollywood.

Prepared to study Goldwyn’s long-term love? Here’s the beginning and end you want to be aware of Musky’s own and proficient life.

Jane Musky is a production designer

Musky has dealt with a few movies as a creation originator, including “When Harry Met Sally,” “Housekeeper in Manhattan,” “Hitch” and “Mona Lisa Grin.” Most as of late, she has dealt with movies, for example, “Hawkers,” “Wed Me” and “Individuals We Disdain at the Wedding,” per IMDB.

Jane Musky helped Tony Goldwyn score his breakout role in ‘Ghost’

During a meeting with The present Hoda Kotb in 2019, Goldwyn uncovered that his significant other got a section in the 1990 film “Phantom.”

Musky was functioning as the creation originator for the film and urged her significant other to go for an acting job on the task.

“That is the means by which I got the part,” he said. “I was a semi-utilized entertainer, battling, and Jane was this enormous extravagant creation originator.”

Goldwyn said Musky kept “messing with” him about it so he inquired as to whether he could get a tryout. He proceeded to take the piece of Carl Bruner, the primary bad guy.

“Through a wonder, we wound up dealing with it together,” he said.

Why their marriage has made it, according to Goldwyn

While conversing with The present Hoda Kotb in 2019, Goldwyn thought about why his marriage has gone all the way and pampered acclaim on his better half.

“Jane is only the most mind boggling individual that I know, and she is only an extremely generally good individual. I knew when I was 21 when I met her, I better hold tight in light of the fact that I’ll at absolutely no point ever run over this in the future,” he made sense of.

Like all couples, the entertainer noticed that he and Musky have experienced their portion of snags. Yet, he said they’ve forever been focused on making things work.

“Now and again where we’ve been experiencing issues, we just took a gander at one another and were like, ‘Indeed, would you say you will deal with this? Definitely.’

It takes the two individuals to take a gander at one another and (say), ‘alright, we should commonly concur, despite the fact that we’re struggling, we will chip away at it together,'” he said.

“After some time, that cycle sort of rehashes the same thing and you resolve increasingly more of the crimps,” he said, adding that he’s constantly had a colossal “regard” for his significant other.

The couple has two daughters

In 1990, Musky and Goldwyn invited their most memorable kid, a little girl named Anna.

During a 2019 meeting with The present Hoda Kotb, the entertainer joked that he and his significant other concluded they were prepared to have youngsters after his breakout “Phantom” job.

“That is the manner by which Anna, our most established little girl (occurred). We at last were like, ‘alright, I surmise we can have children presently cause I have some work. It appears as though I’ll get another,'” he said.

The couple invited a subsequent little girl named Tess in 1995. At the point when she turned 25 out of 2020, Goldwyn shared the accompanying message on Instagram:

“Past favored having this lady in my life. Her soul rouses me consistently. Blissful 25th to my delightful Tess!”

Tony Goldwyn’s wife didn’t watch his ‘Scandal’ sex scenes

“Outrage” watchers consistently watched Goldwyn’s personality get hot and weighty on screen, yet the star’s significant other wasn’t one of them.

During a 2013 appearance on Bravo “Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” the entertainer said his significant other didn’t have a propensity for checking out his hit show.

“The legitimate response is, my significant other doesn’t watch it,” he said. “She watched the pilot and thought it was perfect, yet yeah…I don’t support it.”

Then again, Goldwyn said his little girls track down his simulated intercourses “nauseating and amusing.


  1. Profession: Jane Musky is a renowned production designer in Hollywood.
  2. Career Highlights: She has worked on major films including “When Harry Met Sally,” “Housekeeper in Manhattan,” “Hitch,” “Mona Lisa Smile,” “Hustlers,” “Marry Me,” and “The People We Hate at the Wedding.”
  3. Connection to “Ghost”: Jane Musky helped her husband, Tony Goldwyn, secure his breakout role in the 1990 film “Ghost.”
  4. Personal Life: Jane Musky has been married to actor Tony Goldwyn since 1987.
  5. Family: The couple has two daughters, Anna (born in 1990) and Tess (born in 1995).


Jane Musky, a highly accomplished production designer, has been a significant figure in Hollywood behind the scenes. With a career spanning several iconic films such as “When Harry Met Sally,” “Housekeeper in Manhattan,” “Hitch,” and “Mona Lisa Smile,” she has made a lasting impact on the industry. Musky’s professional influence also extended to her personal life when she played a crucial role in helping her husband, Tony Goldwyn, land his breakthrough role in “Ghost.”

Married to Goldwyn since 1987, Musky has maintained a strong and enduring partnership with the actor, navigating the challenges of their careers and personal lives together. The couple’s commitment to each other has seen them through various ups and downs, contributing to the longevity of their marriage. They share two daughters, Anna and Tess, who have also been a significant part of their lives.


Q: Who is Jane Musky?
A: Jane Musky is a prominent Hollywood production designer known for her work on numerous well-known films.

Q: What are some notable films Jane Musky has worked on?
A: Some of the notable films Jane Musky has worked on include “When Harry Met Sally,” “Housekeeper in Manhattan,” “Hitch,” “Mona Lisa Smile,” “Hustlers,” “Marry Me,” and “The People We Hate at the Wedding.”

Q: How did Jane Musky help Tony Goldwyn in his career?
A: Jane Musky, as the production designer for the film “Ghost,” encouraged Tony Goldwyn to audition for a role in the film, which led to his breakthrough as the main villain, Carl Bruner.

Q: When did Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn get married?
A: Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn got married in 1987.

Q: How many children do Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn have?
A: Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn have two daughters, Anna (born in 1990) and Tess (born in 1995).

Q: Did Jane Musky watch Tony Goldwyn’s scenes in “Scandal”?
A: No, Jane Musky did not regularly watch Tony Goldwyn’s scenes in “Scandal,” particularly his intimate scenes.

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