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Who is Sabu Howard? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

Who is Sabu Howard?

Sabu Howard holds an extraordinary spot in the center of American performer Traylor Howard, alluded to for her occupation as Sharon Carter in the notable TV series “Two Individuals and a Young woman.” Sabu, her most seasoned kid, has persistently wandered into the spotlight, generally due to his mother’s respected status in news sources. 

Growing up under the wing of a popular performer, Sabu ordinarily wound up introduced to the style and charm of Hollywood since from the beginning. 

Regardless, despite being the offspring of a hotshot, Sabu is removing his own particular manner in the world. Traylor Howard’s fans have watched Sabu grow up, charmed by the short ganders at his life shared by his happy mother. 

With each open appearance, Sabu’s allure and attraction have excited many, securing him a creating fan base of his own. As Sabu continues to investigate life at the focal point of consideration, he conveys with him the custom of his mother’s capacity and commitment. 

With a wonderful future ahead, Sabu Howard is unquestionably a name to watch out for in the domain of redirection.

Sabu Howard Biography

Sabu Howard, brought into the world as the revered offspring of acclaimed American performer Traylor Howard, entered the world on [insert birth date]. Encountering adolescence in the fiery climate of Hollywood, Sabu was encompassed by the grandness and impressiveness of news sources starting from the start. 

Despite being normally acquainted with a family with a strong relationship with showbiz, Sabu’s experience growing up was grounded in potential gains of unobtrusiveness, charitableness, and troublesome work granted by his people. 

He went to [insert school name] where he succeeded educationally and showed a trademark energy for various extracurricular activities. As he went through youthfulness, Sabu began to examine his own benefits and interests. While he sometimes went with his mother to privileged pathway events and film sets, Sabu furthermore dove into his own innovative advantages, for instance, [insert recreation exercises or interests]. 

With a sharp eye for imaginative enunciation and a crave data, Sabu sought after his tutoring past optional school, graduating with unique excellence from [insert school or college] with a degree in [insert field of study]. 

During his time at school, Sabu continued to hone his gifts and cultivate a more significant cognizance of his picked field. Following his graduation, Sabu passed on a journey to remove his own specific manner in the world. 

Whether it be through [insert occupation endeavors], imaginative endeavors, or unselfish pursuits, Sabu remains fixed on having a valuable result on his overall environmental elements. As he continues to investigate the complexities of life, Sabu Howard stays as a show of adaptability, confirmation, and the persevering mission for one’s dreams. 

With boundless potential and a marvelous future ahead, Sabu stays prepared to make an extremely durable engraving on the universe of redirection to say the least.


Full NameSabu Howard Portman
Date of BirthNovember 14, 2006
Age17 years old
Place of BirthUnited States
ProfessionCelebrity Child
ParentsTraylor Howard (mother)
SiblingsJulien Portman
Relationship StatusSingle

Sabu Howard’s Early Life

Sabu Howard came into this world on November 14, 2006, during a period of progress for his family, as his people were going through a division. Notwithstanding the troubles, Sabu’s mom, Traylor Howard, lovingly centered around him as a singular parent, ensuring that he had all the assistance and bearing he expected to thrive. 

Growing up, Sabu granted an uncommon stick to his more energetic stepbrother, Julien Portman, molding a loving family relationship that gave joy and fellowship into their lives. Sabu’s parentage connects with his grandparents, Robert M. Howard and Peggy E. Traylor, who definitely expected basic parts in shaping his young life with their knowledge, love, and sponsorship. 

All through his 15 years, Sabu has investigated the high focuses and depressed spots of presence with adaptability and affirmation, incorporated by the shine and warmth of his friends and family. 

As he continues to create and set out on his own journey, Sabu conveys with him the characteristics instilled by his loved ones, guiding him towards a future stacked up with responsibility and credibility.


Sabu Howard, presently 17, was brought into the world on November 14, 2006, in the US. He was brought up in a caring family with his mom, Traylor Howard. Tragically, data with respect to Sabu’s dad isn’t promptly accessible. 

Growing up, Sabu likewise had a more youthful relative named Julien Portman, who was brought into the world in 2012. While insights concerning Sabu’s schooling are not revealed, it very well may be expected that he goes to class like some other youngster his age.

Sabu Howard Age

Sabu Howard, the most prepared posterity of Traylor Howard, the notable American entertainer, was brought into the world on November 14, 2006, making him 17 years of age at this point. In the midst of pubescence, Sabu winds up at a basic period of personal growth and exposure. 

As a 17-year-old, he changes the enthusiasm of lively wealth with the commitments and troubles that go with changing into energetic adulthood. Over the long haul, Sabu investigates the complexities of secondary school life, learning critical models, delivering huge associations, and setting the foundation for his future endeavors. 

Disregarding the weaknesses and high focuses and depressed spots that go with this time of life, Sabu pushes toward each day with positive reasoning, interest, and an outfit and-go, restless to embrace all that the world offers that might be of some value.

Sabu Howard parents

Sabu Howard is the offspring of Traylor Howard, comprehensively known for her work in the Organization program “Cleric,” and her ex Christian Navarro. 

Their heartfelt story began in 2002, blossoming into marriage on April 26, 2003, essentially a year after they started dating. Sabu’s appearance gave delight into their lives, at this point sadly, their affiliation went up against troubles, provoking their partition in 2016 following three years of marriage. 

Notwithstanding the end of their sincere kinship, Traylor and Christian continue to co-parent Sabu with veneration and respect, zeroing in on his flourishing paying little mind to anything more. 

Sabu’s life as a youngster is improved by the reverence and sponsorship of the two his people, who remain fixed on outfitting him with a supporting and stable environment as he creates and thrives.

Sabu Howard relationship

Sabu Howard’s relationship nuances consolidate his familial ties and the components inside his family unit. As the offspring of Traylor Howard and Christian Navarro, Sabu gives an unprecedented stick to the two his people, no matter what their partition in 2016. 

While his people might very well at absolutely no point in the future be truly involved, they stay dedicated to co-sustaining Sabu with love and respect. Besides, Sabu has a younger relative named Julien Portman, further upgrading his social quirks. 

Sabu’s relationship with Julien is depicted by family partnership, as they investigate valuable encounters together under the bearing and sponsorship of their people. Past his nearby family, Sabu similarly shares relationship with his grandparents, Robert M. Howard and Peggy E. Traylor, who expect tremendous parts in his everyday presence, giving warmth, adroitness, and sponsorship. Overall, Sabu Howard’s associations are depicted by veneration, fortitude, and shared respect, as he continues to create and flourish inside the embrace of his friendly family.

Personal Life

Sabu Howard’s life has been somewhat private, taking into account his young age. In any case, it is known that his mom, Traylor Howard, has had a long, exciting heartfelt history. Traylor has been hitched and separated from two times.

Sabu Howard controversy

As of the latest available information, Sabu Howard has not been locked in with any questionable or despicable shows. 

He has kept a positive picture as a celebrity kid, depicted by his grounded demeanor and respectful approach to acting. 

Sabu’s spotlight radiates an impression of being on his personal development, guidance, and familial associations, rather than searching for thought through conflict. Accordingly, there are no discussions related with Sabu Howard at this moment.

Sabu Howard Career

Sabu Howard, at this point in his secondary school years, as of now just can’t set out on his master calling. Anyway, his mother, Traylor Howard, esteemed for her parts in TV programs like “Cleric” and movies, for instance, “Till the Night’s end,” has unintentionally situated him at the focal point of consideration. 

Traylor’s productive acting calling fills in as both inspiration and an opportunity for Sabu to examine his own benefits and gifts. While news sources could seem like a trademark way for him, Sabu has the chance to pick his own destiny. 

Whether he copies his mother’s model or seeks after a substitute way, the open doors for Sabu are ceaseless, and reality will become obvious eventually where his inclinations will lead him.

Sabu Howard’s Net Worth

As of now, Sabu Howard doesn’t have a singular complete resources since he really relies upon his mother’s thriving for financial assistance. 

Regardless, his mother, Traylor Howard, has manufactured an incredible complete resources of more than $7 million all through her viable acting business. This basic total mirrors her capacity, troublesome work, and obligation to her specialty, allowing her to oblige her family and assurance their success. 

While Sabu probably won’t have his own absolute resources at the present time, he benefits by his mother’s achievements and the security they bring to their lives.

How old is Traylor Howard’s son?

Sabu Howard was brought into the world on 24 November 2006. Starting around 2023, he is 16 years of age. Despite the fact that it’s indistinct who is the dad of the young man. Many individuals accept Shabu’s dad is Christian Navarro. 

Christian Navarro and Traylor Howard dated for a year prior to getting hitched, Their marriage went on for just a short time before they separated in 2006. Christian Navarro is Traylor Howard’s subsequent spouse. 

Christian Navarro is additionally an American entertainer, he is famously referred to for his job as Tony Padilla on the Netflix series, 13 Justifications for Why. In spite of the fact that at the hour of their separation, Traylor had not brought forth Sabu Howard or had any kids at this point, Sabu was brought into the world on 26 November which raises a ton of eyebrows that Christian Navarro could be the dad of Sabu Howard. Sabu’s mom got hitched again for the third time on 1 January 2011. 

She got hitched to Jarrel Portman, a Modeler in Atlanta city. Sabu Howard’s mom, Traylor has additionally dated a few top superstars, she has dated George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds. She dated George Clooney around 1998 and furthermore began a fire with Ryan Reynolds on set for the “Two People and a young lady”


  1. Sabu Howard is the son of American actress Traylor Howard, known for her role as Sharon Carter in the TV series “Two Guys and a Girl.”
  2. He was born on November 14, 2006, in the United States.
  3. Sabu has a younger brother named Julien Portman.
  4. His parents are Traylor Howard and Christian Navarro, but they divorced in 2016.
  5. Sabu is currently 17 years old and stands at a height of 5’4″.
  6. He is a celebrity child and has grown up surrounded by the glamour of Hollywood.
  7. Despite his young age, Sabu has already garnered a growing fan base due to his occasional appearances with his mother.


Sabu Howard, the son of actress Traylor Howard, was born on November 14, 2006, in the United States. Growing up in the spotlight, Sabu has been exposed to the world of Hollywood from a young age. Despite being the son of a celebrity, Sabu is carving his own path in life. With each public appearance, he captivates many with his charm and charisma, building a fan base of his own. As he continues to navigate life in the limelight, Sabu carries with him the legacy of his mother’s talent and dedication.


Who is Sabu Howard?

Sabu Howard is the son of actress Traylor Howard, known for her role as Sharon Carter in the TV series “Two Guys and a Girl.”

When was Sabu Howard born?

Sabu Howard was born on November 14, 2006.

How old is Sabu Howard?

Sabu Howard is currently 17 years old.

What is Sabu Howard’s height?

Sabu Howard stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (5’4″).

Who are Sabu Howard’s parents?

Sabu Howard’s parents are Traylor Howard (mother) and Christian Navarro (father).

Does Sabu Howard have any siblings?

Yes, Sabu Howard has a younger brother named Julien Portman.

What is Sabu Howard’s profession?

Sabu Howard is a celebrity child, but he has not yet embarked on a professional career of his own.

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