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Who is Noah Zimmern? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

Andrew Zimmern, an American food writer, chef, television personality, and teacher, is one of the few people who is as knowledgeable about food as he is. 

He has worked as an anchor, consultant, producer, and co-producer on the television series Bizzare Foods throughout his career. 

Beyond what you already know about this celebrity and his culinary skills, learn more about his life.

Who is Noah Zimmern’s Father?

Noah Zimmern’s father, Andrew, is a well-known chef, filmmaker, producer, entrepreneur, and co-creator of the television shows Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World. 

In St. He also runs Lucky Cricket, a Chinese restaurant, in Louis Park, Minnesota. He wants to open more restaurants all over the country. 

In 2010, he won the James Facial hair Grant for Exceptional TV Food Character, which he rehashed in 2012, 2013, and 2017. 

Toyota’s web-based series Hunger for Life got an Effie Grant in 2010. On the show that Rishis’ father hosted and created, his mother was a producer.

Biography of Andrew Zimmern

The well-known chef and host of Bizarre Foods was born in New York City on July 5, 1961, to a Jewish family. Andrew Scott Zimmern is his birth name, and he was born to Robert Zimmern, his father, and Caren Zimmern, his mother. 

He went to Vassar College after graduating from Dalton School. Andrew was interested in food from a young age, so when he was 14 years old, he started taking classes for his first culinary training. 

He is then referred to and considered as an aggressive little fellow, energetic about what he loves to do: cooking. 

As we had learned, life was not really great for Andrew, he had his portion of challenges and his troublesome life most likely because of his dependence on liquor. The well-known chef from New York ended up homeless and broke at one point. 

However, despite the fact that all of these problems appeared to be his own, he never lost sight of his goals for the rest of his life and carried out his plan to make a success of his life by entering alcohol addiction treatment. 

His life was transformed after he was treated for drug and alcohol addiction at the Hazelden Treatment Center in Minnesota. Today, he additionally chips in at the middle, helping other people recuperate from what has been going on with him. 

Andrew instructed at a school of social exploration and eatery the executives. He is the host of the show Feast of Death, in which viewers are taught about unhealthy foods that can harm their health and lead to death. 

He has worked in top New York eateries as leader cook or senior supervisor. Andrew Zimmern has received numerous awards, including the James Beard Award, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Trailblazer Press, and Minnesota Month to month. Not all celebrity chefs are experts in cooking. 

Additionally, he is a prolific writer who has contributed to numerous best-selling magazines. Andrew has also established a name for himself as a journalist by contributing to numerous literary magazines and newspapers both domestically and internationally. 

He is likewise a radio personality and acquired notoriety with his Food Court with Andrew Zimmern radio program.


NameNoah Zimmern
Birth NameNoah Zimmern
FatherAndrew Zimmern
MotherRishia Anne Felien
Birth Place/CityMinnesota
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Date of Birth2005, February 25
Age17 years old

With a Silver Spoon Born

Noah Zimmern was brought into the world in Minnesota, US, on February 25, 2005. He is an American citizen and of white ethnicity. Rishia Anne Felien and Chef Andrew Zimmern only have one child, him.

Noah Zimmern’s Parents’ Career

Chef, director, producer, and entrepreneur Andrew Zimmern is Noah’s father. He is best known for hosting and co-creating Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World. 

He likewise possesses the Fortunate Cricket Chinese café in St. Minnesota’s Louis Park He wants to open more restaurants all over the United States. 

In 2010, he won the James Beard Award for Outstanding TV Food Personality. In 2012, 2013, and 2017, he won three more awards. 

Toyota’s Hunger forever, his web-based series, won an Effie Grant in 2010. Rishis’ mother was a producer on the show where his father was a host and creator, and Rishis’ father was a host and creator.

Net value

No matter which side of the food industry you work on—agricultural, distribution, or processing—it’s a big business. 

All the more in this way, those that outfit different ranch produce to shape a total, supplement thick feast. 

Andrew Zimmern is on this side of the food business, and for his culinary skill, he has been rewarded well over the years. The gourmet expert, as indicated by online sources, is worth around $5 million.

Family: wife and son, is he gay?

Andrew Zimmern is married to Rishia Haas Zimmern, whom he met while attending a food school in Minnesota. 

The chef is married to Rishia Haas Zimmern. When Andrew first met Rishia, she was a vendor for the school kitchen. 

They began chatting shortly thereafter and began to enjoy spending time together. Despite their vast age differences, they dated for a year and nurtured their love. They were married on December 16, 2002, in Minneapolis-St. 

Paul, Minnesota, in front of a large number of friends and family. A significant number of their relatives missed the pre-marriage ceremony, yet respected an enormous homecoming party that occurred the next year. 

Since then, their union has been blessed with a child: a son who was born three years after they got married. He goes by Noah Zimmern and his introduction to the world contributed extraordinarily to fulfilling their association. 

The three-member family currently resides in Minnesota. Andrew is married and has a child, so he is not gay. 

However, as he explains in a tweet posted on January 28, 2018, on his Twitter account @andrewzimmern, he is a man who has had gay parents. 

He has, be that as it may, shown to be uninfluenced by the sexuality of his folks. straight man.

Relationships Status of Noah Zimmern’s Parent

Noah’s parents, Andrew and Rishia, had a relationship before they got married. On December 26, 2002, Judge Roseanne Nathanson of Minneapolis performed the couple’s nuptials. 

Their Minnesota residence hosted a lavish wedding reception. Noah’s folks have a 20-year age distinction yet have figured out how to live respectively without struggle. 

Regardless of the way that the couple is presently living separated, neither one of the sides has petitioned for legal separation.


  1. Birth and Family: Noah Zimmern was born on February 25, 2005, in Minnesota, USA. He is the son of renowned chef Andrew Zimmern and Rishia Anne Felien.
  2. Parent’s Careers: His father, Andrew Zimmern, is a well-known chef, filmmaker, producer, and entrepreneur, famous for hosting “Bizarre Foods” and owning Lucky Cricket Chinese restaurant. His mother, Rishia, has also been involved in the production of Andrew’s shows.
  3. Net Worth: While Noah’s net worth isn’t disclosed, his father Andrew Zimmern has an estimated net worth of around $5 million, primarily earned from his culinary endeavors.
  4. Family Life: Andrew Zimmern is married to Rishia Haas Zimmern, whom he met during his time at a food school in Minnesota. They have a son together, Noah Zimmern.
  5. Relationship Status: Despite a significant age difference between Noah’s parents, they have been happily married since December 16, 2002.


Noah Zimmern, born in 2005, is the son of celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern and Rishia Anne Felien. His father’s culinary expertise and television presence have garnered him significant success and a net worth of approximately $5 million. Noah’s parents, Andrew and Rishia, have maintained a strong relationship despite their age difference. Noah’s upbringing in Minnesota reflects a close-knit family environment.


What is Noah Zimmern’s date of birth?

Noah Zimmern was born on February 25, 2005.

Who are Noah Zimmern’s parents?

Noah’s father is Andrew Zimmern, a renowned chef, filmmaker, and television personality, while his mother is Rishia Anne Felien.

What is Andrew Zimmern famous for?

Andrew Zimmern is famous for hosting the television series “Bizarre Foods” and owning Lucky Cricket Chinese restaurant.

What is the net worth of Andrew Zimmern?

Andrew Zimmern has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

Is Noah Zimmern married?

Noah Zimmern is too young to be married.

How old is Noah Zimmern?

As of now, Noah Zimmern is 17 years old, born in 2005.

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