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Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Family, Boyfriend And More

Pooh Shiesty is a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and rapper from the United States. In the year 2021, his estimated net worth is 11.92 million dollars. 

His YouTube channel is estimated to get 198.19 thousand bucks each month. He makes multiple dollars per thousand YouTube views. 

On stage, he passes Pooh Shiesty by. However, the majority of people are unaware of his real name. After his sibling’s passing, he picked this title for him. 

Pooh Shiesty was awarded the Gucci Atlantic record in 2021. Pooh got the job. He achieved fame with the assistance of other artists like Lil Durk.


American rapper Pooh Shiesty is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records and hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Lontrell Dennell Williams, Jr. is his real name.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

His singing career and YouTube channel are his main sources of income. His assessed total assets in 2021 is 11.92 million bucks. 

His YouTube channel attracts millions of monthly viewers. He earns more than $3 per thousand views on YouTube. His monthly estimated net worth from his YouTube channel is 198.19 thousand dollars. He gets money from a lot of other places. 

He also makes a lot of money through partnerships with other artists, endorsements, paid advertisements, online merchant shops, product sales, sponsorship, and other programs. 

The mane of Gucci has been dealt with, and Pooh Shiesty also benefits greatly from it.


On November 8, 1999, he was given life in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. His father started Mob Ties Records, which is based in Memphis. As Crowd Chief, he rapped also. “He had his own record label called Mob Ties Records,” Pooh stated in an interview. 

She stated, “He had a few artists.” Shiesty expressed, “That is where I get my hustle from” in a meeting with Bulletin. “That’s where I get everything from,” he went on to say. That is my OG. He resembles my older brother. 

His brother passed away in February 2021 after losing the battle with the mind disease. “In troublesome stretches along these lines, recognize what you’ve had the choice to accomplish in this short period of time and what you have before you,” Drake said in a sound message. 

When Shiesty was 11 years old, someone told him he had brought a gun to school and kicked him out. When he was 18 years old, he started making music. 

His first single was a guest spot on rapper K Carbon’s remix of Three 6 Mafia’s “Weak Azz Bitch.” Pooh released the single “Letting it be known” in 2018. 

Big30 was highlighted on Lontrell’s single “Damnation Night,” which was delivered in 2019. That same year, NLE Choppa’s song “Uppin the Score” featured Pooh. 

Williams delivered the single “At It Once more” on Walk 11, 2020.

Early life

His birth took place on November 8, 1999. Pooh Shiesty is based in Memphis. His childhood name was Mr. Pooh. He lived in the Can Stream condo as a kid. This apartment is on the south side. Additionally, he spent time in Pflugerville. 

He participated in the late spring school when he got back. To assist in his own graduation, he enrolled in this summer school. Pooh was raised in a musical household because his father was a rapper and label founder. 

He outlined the Choppa pack when he was in optional school since he was enthused about it. In the past, Pooh entertained his friends. He made music his sole focus when he was 18 years old.


Full Name (Real Name)Lontrell Denell Williams Jr
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight75 kg
Measurement40-34-32 (Breast-Waist-Hips)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Date of BirthNovember 8, 1999
Age23 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Current ResidenceMemphis, Tennessee, USA

Birthday and Age

On November 8, 1999, Pooh Shiesty was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. In 2023, he will be 23 years old, and he always celebrates his birthday on November 8. He was born under the Virgo constellation and is a Christian. Pooh Shiesty is white and a citizen of the United States.

Height and Weight

Pooh Shiesty is a strong and beautiful person. He is approximately 75 kilograms in weight and stands 05 feet 10 inches tall. The other dimensions are 32, 34, and 40 inches. Pooh’s alluring character is improved by his dull hair and wonderful eyes. He hasn’t gotten any body tattoos yet.


His first song was Hell Night. The best man, a rapper from the US, performed on it. He put out Shiesty Summer after this song had been out for five months. On August 19, 2019, it will be released. In 2019, his tune “punishment night” was conveyed. On February 19, 2020, the song’s official video was made public. Its music video came after it. 

It was on the album Moneybag Yo, Evan 200k, and Tay Keith, an American record producer. On June 3, 2020, he released the song and video for ABCGE. He focused on the American rapper Gucci Mane after a couple of melodies. 

He was assigned to Atlantic Records, 1017 Records, and a record label by Gucci Mane in April 2020. He delivered the two of them on June 19, 2020. It denoted the start of Pooh Shiesty’s standing and acclaim. Following six days, Shiesty conveyed ‘Monday to Sunday’. 

It was performed by Lil Baby and BIG30, two American performers. The performance was scheduled for June 25, 2020. These numerous melodies were recorded, and as a result, they appeared on Mane’s fourth album. Shiesty’s “SO Frosty Summer” was released on July 3, 2020. Melodies from Manes were in the initial segment, while tunes from “New 1017” were in the second. 

The album’s final track featured a group of new singers, including Shiesty himself, Big Scarr, Foogiano, Kshiday, Robby, and Enchanting. The shishy reunion is on the album “Who In Him.” Together, they created its video. On September 9, 2020, “Twerksu” was delivered. 

On October 9, 2020, he made available the entire music video for 1017. It was like Gucci’s so frosty group Vol. 1’s fifth collection. On the other hand, this song features Foogiano, Gucci Mane, and other artists. Pooh Shiesty conveyed one more tune on November 6, 2020. 

The title of that song was “Back in Blood.” The melody was astonishing. It was Shiesty’s most well-known song, and the album “Lil Durk” contained it. Its video was made available to the public on January 2, 2021. In February 2021, this melody got 40 million perspectives on YouTube. 

Back in Blood was a guest star on the commercial show Gutta Baby. The Threat, a tune delivered in 2020, likewise highlighted Pooh Shiesty. Pooh Shiesty likewise has a hit melody called “With a wary eye,” and an authority video for it tends to be found on YouTube. 

Shiesty later showed up in Lil Durk’s melodies also. That song was called “ought to have been Dodged.” In 2021, he released a tape with songs like “Back in Blood” and “Twarksum.”

Professional Career

Pooh Shiesty made his introduction on the music scene with his presentation single, “damnation night,” which included a noticeable US rapper. Additionally, he made Shiesty Summer available to the public in just five months, which sparked controversy among his fans. 

However, Gucci Mane, an American rapper, recognized his talent, which marked the real turning point. In April 2020, Gucci assigned him to Atlantic Record and 1017 Record. 

Likewise, on June 19 of that very year, Pooh Shiesty’s music was conveyed, meaning the start of his transient rising to prevalence. One of his best-selling songs, “Monday to Sunday,” featured American artists LIl Baby and BIG30. 

In addition, the fact that Pooh Shiesty would be performing on June 25, 2020, made it immediately clear that it would continue. Each of these songs was a perfect fit for Mane’s fourth album due to the videos that went along with them. 

“SO Icy Summer” by Shiesty was also released on July 3, 2020. Mane’s songs filled the first part, and new talent, including Shiesty himself, Huge Scarr, Foogiano, Kshiday, Robby, and Captivating, was shown in the second part.


We as a whole realize Pooh Shiesty is a significant celeb, yet did you had any idea that he’s really private with regards to his loved ones? That is correct; neither the media nor the general public have been privy to any information regarding his private life. 

However, dread not, on the grounds that our examination group is working on it! They are putting in a lot of effort to find any credible information about his family, and as soon as they do, we will update you all immediately. Remain tuned!

Personal Life of Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty is a 21-year-old man with a stunning vice. His level is 5 feet, and his weight is 75 kg. Because he is always active on all of his social media accounts, he is a well-known personality. 

He has never had a girlfriend and is still single. His brother passed away in 2021 from cancer, a complicated illness. After his brother passed away, he was given the name Pooh Shiesty. His brother had a similar interest in the music business. 

He was taken into custody by the police in 2019 after being arrested. In a number of cases, including robbery and theft, Pooh Shiesty was imprisoned in 2020. However, after a couple of preliminaries, he was out of prison.

Relationship and Dating

Have you been pondering Pooh’s dating life? It turns out that the well-known rapper is flying by himself right now. 

Pooh hasn’t had any known relationships because he has always tried to keep his personal life out of the public eye. 

Yet, simply relax, we’re working on it and will inform you as to whether anything delicious grounds in front of us!

Gucci Mane

Shiesty signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records in April 2020. On April 10, 2020, Mane sent DM to Shiesty, which sparked their first contact. “What’s up homie?,” he texted me on Instagram. You excessively hard. 

In February 2021, Shiesty offered an explanation. “We FaceTimed, and from there, it was up.” In May 2020, Lontrell began a YouTube channel. 

As of May 2021, his channel has over 853k endorsers. “YouTube matters and has been making a difference for a really long time,” he told Bad habit. 

Williams released the single “Twerksum,” which is a part of Gucci Mane’s So Icy Gang, Vol., on September 9, 2020. 1.


He was taken into custody in October 2020 in connection with a shooting in the Bay Harbor Islands. He was arrested at the West Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. The shooting injured two men, according to police. 

A “drug and expensive sneaker deal gone wrong” led to the incident. “To believe that he shows up to this alleged robbery to rob a person with his own $30,000 in cash with someone from whom he rented the car,” his defense attorney stated. 

He was eventually granted bail of $30,000 and released. On November 6, 2020, Shiesty delivered the single “Back in Blood,” highlighting rapper Lil Durk. The Billboard Hot 100 peaked with “Back in Blood” at number 13. 

On February 22, 2021, it was declared gold. He was selected as one of Billboard’s 2021 Artists to Watch in January 2021.

Debut Mixtape

On February 5, 2021, Lontrell delivered his presentation mixtape – “Shiesty Season” through Atlantic Records and Gucci Mane’s The New 1017. “I got huge highlights, large makers on here, and I got my fundamental makers I been shaking with,” he said. 

In its first week of release, it sold more than 62,000 albums and debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200. The mixtape debuted at number two on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. 

Tay Keith, Choppa Wop, Lil Durk, Lil Hank, Gucci Mane, Foogiano, Veeze, 21 Savage, and Big30 are among the artists on “Shiesty Season.” 

Williams was named the company’s most recent #UpNow Artist by the music streaming platform Audiomack in 2021. Shiesty stated in a press release, “Thank you to Audiomack for consistently supporting me and my music.” 

He went on to say, “It feels great to be recognized, and I appreciate the love.” From here, it’s only up.” In April 2021, Pooh performed “Back In Blood” on The This evening Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon. 

Lontrell stated, “I’m finally getting the shine I deserve.” He received a prison term of five years and three months in April 2022.


  1. Real Name: Lontrell Denell Williams Jr
  2. Occupation: Hip-hop artist, songwriter, rapper
  3. Net Worth (2021): Estimated at $11.92 million
  4. YouTube Earnings: Approximately $198.19 thousand per month
  5. Stage Name Origin: Chose the name “Pooh Shiesty” after his sibling’s passing, to honor him.
  6. Awards: Awarded the Gucci Atlantic record in 2021.


American rapper Pooh Shiesty, born Lontrell Denell Williams Jr, is a rising star signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records. He hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and has garnered attention for his unique style and talent. Pooh Shiesty’s estimated net worth in 2021 is $11.92 million, with a significant portion of his income coming from his successful YouTube channel. His rise to fame has been fueled by collaborations with artists like Lil Durk, and he continues to make waves in the hip-hop scene.


Q: What is Pooh Shiesty’s real name?
A: Pooh Shiesty’s real name is Lontrell Denell Williams Jr.

Q: How much is Pooh Shiesty’s net worth?
A: As of 2021, Pooh Shiesty’s net worth is estimated to be $11.92 million.

Q: How did Pooh Shiesty choose his stage name?
A: Pooh Shiesty chose his stage name as a tribute to his sibling after their passing.

Q: What awards has Pooh Shiesty won?
A: Pooh Shiesty was awarded the Gucci Atlantic record in 2021.

Q: What is the origin of Pooh Shiesty’s stage name?
A: Pooh Shiesty chose the name after his sibling’s passing, to honor them.

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