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Too Turnt Tony Net Worth? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Family, Wife And More

News: Anthony, generally perceived by his web-based false name Tooturnttony, is a conspicuous American figure in the domains of online entertainment impacting, displaying, and content creation. His ascent to distinction is credited to a progression of entertaining productions and lip-synchronizing recordings including his family and a duck subject, storing up a significant following of more than 4.47 million lovers. 

In the early long periods of 2021, he presented his YouTube channel, TooTurntTony, which quickly charmed crowds, collecting north of 50,000 perspectives inside only days. What separates his substance is his strong takeoff from cultural standards and his unashamed support of extravagance.


Too.Turnt Tony, a name that has become inseparable from the universe of web-based entertainment diversion, is a rising star whose total assets has been a subject of interest for some. 

Known for his comedic plays and connecting with content, Tony has amassed a huge following on stages like TikTok and Instagram. As we anticipate 2024, how about we dive into the extended total assets of this web sensation.

Who is Tooturnttony?Edit icon

Anthony Dawson, also called TooTurntTony or “Duck Daddy” is an American online entertainment character, model, and natural life preservation advocate. His work incorporates viral satire plays, social tests, and different recordings, frequently including his family and pet ducks.


NameAnthony Dawson
Date Of BirthFebruary 1, 1995
Age27 years old
Net Worth$2.9 million
TikTok20.2 million followers
Instagram2.6 million followers
YouTube5.2 million subscribers
Twitter98k followers
Height6 feet 1 inch

Anthony’s Early Career

Anthony, at first known for his displaying and comedic portrays on Plant, wandered into making pretending recordings highlighting ducks while functioning as a duck farmer. Following the conclusion of Plant, he diverted his endeavors to TikTok, where his prevalence rose above onto different web-based entertainment stages. 

As of now, he orders an amazing internet based presence with over 4.47 million YouTube endorsers, 91.3k Twitter adherents, and 2.5 million Instagram devotees. Quite, his comedic TikTok recordings assumed a urgent part in catapulting him to fame. In this article, we will investigate Tooturnttony’s total assets, profession direction, and individual life.


Tooturnttony is a glad holder of American citizenship. It’s normal for fans to be interested about the foundations of their #1 big names or eminent people, as it adds to their general standing and can impart a feeling of satisfaction for both the individual and their country. This association is frequently reinforced, especially when the individual has made outstanding progress in their vocation.

Early Life and Education

Tooturnttony, conceived Anthony on February 11, 1997, in Michigan, USA, found his adoration for video creation from the beginning, impacted by his dad. He went to class in Michigan, finishing his secondary school training prior to proceeding with his scholarly excursion at Western Michigan College. There, he sought after a degree in film, video, and media, effectively graduating and in this way leaving on a vocation as a model. His expert way later drove him to a situation at a film creation organization in New York. Sadly, his work was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Career and Professional Life

Anthony’s way to popularity took a particular transform when he dove into the universe of duck farming. Tackling his interesting energy, he made recordings highlighting different characters drawing in with his ducks. Past diversion, his substance filled a need: bringing issues to light about the meaning of safeguarding wetlands.

 Implanted with his exceptional kind of humor and inventive ideas, these recordings laid the preparation for his rising as an internet based character. As Anthony’s presence developed, he changed into making hilarious dramas and participating in friendly examinations, frequently including his family, bringing about the foundation of the TooTurntFamily.

 The credible cooperations, chuckling, and at times turbulent minutes resounded generally, moving them to colossal prevalence and accumulating a huge number of supporters across different online entertainment stages. Anthony’s substance rises above conventional parody, integrating charming accounts, humor, and, surprisingly, interesting investigations.

 Prominently, his series on Jeffrey Dahmer amassed north of 50 million perspectives. With this significant internet based achievement, it does not shock anyone that his substance has accumulated consideration from significant media sources like Univision, Business Insider, and USA Today.


It is hazy the amount Anthony could procure from his elements on paper and online magazines, despite the fact that he has been the substance of numerous photograph shoots and outlets. He has filled in as a model with numerous different brands too, yet we right now don’t have the foggiest idea the amount he could procure as a model, despite the fact that we can securely expect that it would be a strong su


Anthony sells stock on his site as well as other outsider sites, which take special care of his fans. His product comprises of brew bongs, rings, hoodies, shades, shirts, covers, and a few different things, going from $20 to $100. We can estimate that Anthony procures towards the 6-figure mark every year in deals. We as of now don’t have the foggiest idea the amount he unequivocally procures, as there is no data accessible with respect to that.

Source of Income

Anthony principally produces his pay through a different scope of channels, including virtual entertainment content creation, brand organizations, displaying, paid memberships, and product deals. This multi-layered way to deal with adaptation mirrors the adaptability and outcome of his presence in the advanced scene.

Brand Collaborations

With regards to mark coordinated efforts, Anthony has collaborated with a few top brands throughout the span of his web-based entertainment profession, some of which are Steel Save, Celsius, Blunder, NOCA, BlueChew, and various others. We right now don’t have the foggiest idea the amount he could acquire from these connections, as nothing has been uncovered in regards to this. We can expect that most Anthony’s profit come from brand cooperation; consequently it very well may be a powerful total.

Too Turnt Tea

Tooturnttony sent off “Too Turnt Tea” in Walk 2023, a chilled tea item in association with NOCA Refreshments. The item has 5% liquor and 100 calories for every lemon 12-pack. It immediately became one of the top-selling enhanced beers in 24 states, among significant retailers like Walmart, Kroger, and 7-Eleven. The amount he acquired from this adventure is at present obscure.

Personal Life

Anthony was born on February 1, 1995, in Michigan, United States. He was creative and enthusiastic to make a video or short true to life cuts from the early age of 4. He’d make recordings alongside his dad, where he’d claim to smoke on the vehicle’s rooftop. He was exceptionally enthusiastic about acting. Concerning instruction, he went to Western Michigan College. 

He graduated with a degree in film, video, and media studies. Anthony was likewise truly energetic about the exercise center and working out thus he throws a tantrum and solid body from his high schooler days. Prior to joining TikTok, he was similarly popular on Plant for his parody recordings and later changed to TikTok after Plant was brought down. 

He was likewise similarly skilled in examinations and has finished a graduate degree in media concentrates like video and movies. His kin, Dominic and Maria, have showed up on his Instagram record, and his sister even functions as his aide. His mother and Nonnie regularly show up in his recordings. He has two Pekin ducks. He acknowledges his relational peculiarity as a central explanation he acquired distinction.


It is at present muddled what Anthony might have spent his profit on. He has exhibited a couple of extravagance vehicles on his virtual entertainment, yet it is indistinct on the off chance that he claims them. One most remarkable one is the Lamborghini Huracán that has appeared a few times on his posts. The vehicle purportedly costs about $239k for its base model and could cost up to $600k. 

Anthony likewise runs a fruitful YouTube channel, which would expect him to put resources into sound and video hardware to make better quality substance. This could incorporate, lights, props, top of the line cameras, sound recording gear, sound, and video altering programming, very good quality machines to run this product, and other such auxiliaries that would upgrade the substance. 

He effectively delivers content in short-structure designs too, which requires an alternate arrangement of hardware. In this manner, Anthony could likewise re-appropriate his video creation obligations to different experts, who could charge him a top notch cost contingent upon the individual/group’s capacities and experience. 

Thus, he might have likewise gathered a group to assist with making the substance that he does, which could likewise incorporate dealing with every one of his online entertainment cooperations. Anthony could likewise need to spend on administration charges in the event that he is under the administration of an ability organization. 

He could spend a top notch cost as an expense for the organization’s administration and operations administrations, contingent upon the organization and the quantity of big names/gifts they have on their list. It is, obviously, speculative, however there is plausible. We presently don’t have the foggiest idea the amount he could spend on this.

Social Media

Anothony’s strength via web-based entertainment is exceptionally apparent with over 17.4 million TikTok devotees, while on Instagram he has over 957k supporters, and on YouTube, he has over 157k endorsers.


  1. Anthony Dawson, also known as TooTurntTony, was born on February 1, 1995.
  2. He has a net worth of $2.9 million.
  3. TooTurntTony has 20.2 million followers on TikTok, 2.6 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and 98k followers on Twitter.
  4. He is known for his comedic plays, engaging content, and wildlife-themed videos, often featuring his family and pet ducks.
  5. TooTurntTony’s YouTube channel, TooTurntTony, gained over 50,000 views within days of its launch in early 2021.


Anthony Dawson, popularly known as TooTurntTony, is an American online entertainment influencer, model, and wildlife conservation advocate. He gained fame through entertaining productions and lip-syncing videos, often featuring his family and a duck theme, amassing a large following of over 4.47 million fans. His unique content and unapologetic embrace of luxury set him apart in the online entertainment world.


Who is TooTurntTony?

TooTurntTony, whose real name is Anthony Dawson, is an American online entertainment influencer, model, and wildlife conservation advocate known for his comedic plays and engaging content.

What is TooTurntTony’s net worth?

TooTurntTony has a net worth of $2.9 million.

How many followers does TooTurntTony have on social media?

TooTurntTony has 20.2 million followers on TikTok, 2.6 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and 98k followers on Twitter.

What kind of content does TooTurntTony create?

TooTurntTony creates entertaining productions and lip-syncing videos, often featuring his family and a duck theme. He is also known for his comedic plays and engaging content.

What sets TooTurntTony apart in the online entertainment world?

TooTurntTony is known for his unique content and unapologetic embrace of luxury, setting him apart from others in the online entertainment world.

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